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Toni Kief

About The Author

A small-town Midwesterner from a family of high spirits and laughter. She joined generations of the maternal family in Marysville years ago. The plan is to stay for the view, family, and friends.  

   Toni was the first woman outside insurance adjuster in Florida, and continued the work in Washington. A longtime civil rights activist, Toni shares stories about lunches with politicians, and artists.  

   Toni’s defines her genre as OA –old adult, aka Matron and Boomer fiction. She continues to gather stories prime for embellishment. Toni is one of the founders of The Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest. 

Toni Kief


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Short Stories by the Author

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Books by the Author

Mildred Romancing the Odds
Old Baggage
Mildred in Disguise: With Diamonds
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