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Tom Ranseen

About The Author

I've always been an avid reader and try to read a book a week. I've lived and breathed written words for five decades. At Duke and GW I started to become a decent writer. As a business marketing guy for several companies, and then as a freelancer for seventeen years, a huge amount of my time was spent developing online content from scratch, I still do some digital marketing for dog services local businesses. But six years ago I swerved -- to write fiction.

I just finished my 4th book which is the finale of my Game of Twins mystery/thriller series: Golden Frog Poison - Game of Twins. Game of Twins - The Secret Agent Game of TwinsGame of Twins - Kidnapped. The story is chronological, but each book reads great as a standalone.

And it was lots of fun publishing the Game of Twins audiobook. Marilyn Ramos, the narrator, did an awesome job. Check it out on Audible or Amazon or iTunes

I have two amazing grown children, both graduates of Indiana University. One is a Nashville policeman and the other is a Nashville city planner. I reside in Franklin, TN with my Airedale, Keri. A Duke graduate, I'm a fanatic college basketball fan.

Tom Ranseen


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Game of Twins - The Special Agent
Game of Twins - Kidnapped
Game of Twins - The Special Agent
Golden Frog Poison
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