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Sue Tabashnik

About The Author

Sue Tabashnik published two unique Dirty Dancing tribute
books, The Fans' Love Story: How the Movie DIRTY DANCING
Captured the Hearts of Millions! (July 2010) and The Fans' Love Story
ENCORE: How the Movie DIRTY DANCING Captured the Hearts
of Millions! (December 2013). She became a fan of Patrick Swayze
in 1988. She was an active member of the Official Patrick Swayze
International Fan Club from 2000-2010, which included writing
numerous articles for the club magazine. She had the good fortune
to meet Patrick Swayze several times at movie screenings and benefit
events from 2002-2004, which led her to become an even bigger fan.
Sue has worked as a master's level social worker since 1977. She has
lived most of her life in the Detroit area.

In memory of my grandmother, Leah Tabashnik, and Patrick Swayze:
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these books will be donated to the Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund at the Stanford Cancer Institute.

NIEA Finalist National Indie Excellence Awards 2018 Biography (paperback)
Book Excellence Awards Finalist 2018 Biography (paperback)
Best Book Awards Finalist 2018 Performing Arts (paperback)

The Fans' Love Story ENCORE
GOLD MEDAL Global Ebook Awards 2014
NIEA Finalist National Indie Excellence Awards 2014 (paperback)

Special Guest Speaker at The Dirty Dancing Festival August 2018.

Podcast interview with Marcus Singletary of Far Out Flavors-posted November 2015:

Featured in article in the August 2014


Sue Tabashnik


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