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Shem Shmentov

About The Author

Shem Shmentov has a simple view / of planet earth and space. / His brain is held with pins and glue; / he writes with phlegm and haste.


Shmentov was born a long time ago (to millennials) but not so long ago (to boomers). He spent some time in the U.S. military immediately after the Vietnam War ended. Loving the adventure and seeing the world through his government service, Shmentov continued his thrill-seeking, swashbuckling, and adventuresome ways beyond his military employ. He loves to surf and sail and catch a tiger by the tail. He is currently writing a great deal of short fiction in the fantasy and horror (or at least disturbing) genres.

Shem Shmentov


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Short Stories by the Author

The Story

The Story

The pages of Edgar Alfred Pennyworth’s favorite books possessed more girth than the bulwarks of my furnished flat. Oh, dear me, I’m not complaining. One can’t expect much more at $11 per week for rent.
Edgar’s laughter waltzed down the hall.

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Books by the Author

Hairy Potter and the Sourcer's Secret
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