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Shelli Misoyianis

About The Author

Shelli Misoyianis was born in Ravenna, Ohio but grew up in Vincentown, New Jersey. She began writing short stories and songs by the age of 8, eventually penning her first children's book, "USA", at age 11 and her second, "The Unknown Breed" (now published), at age 20. She achieved a few publications of her stories, artwork, and poetry in "Creative Kids" magazine before she was even a teenager. Nabbing her first talent agent at 14, she was blessed with the opportunity to compete in the Miss Teen Garden State Pageant 1990. Trained in commercials and theater, Shelli spent five straight years (1987-1991) writing, directing, and starring in her own plays for her town Grange Christmas program. She made it a point to get as many other kids involved in these projects as possible to bring great family entertainment to her audiences. Throughout the 90's, Shelli achieved much success with poetry, garnering many anthology publications by the International Library of Poetry, Iliad Press, and Famous Poets Society. She has received many award certificates for her work and even accepted a medal from the Famous Poets Society for Poet of the Year 1999. In 2002, she finally made it onto her first movie set as an extra for "Jersey Girl", starring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and Liv Tyler. A year later, she co-starred in the independent comedy feature, "Protesters", which was slated to tour film festivals in 2006 and is available on DVD and video from Silver Spring Studios, who then, in 2004, signed Shelli to co-star in their upcoming sci-fi/fantasy feature, "The Instant Messenger". In 2005, realizing a lifelong dream, Shelli teamed up with Hawk Entertainment Studios to begin work on her debut album and then in 2007 penned her first screenplay, "Afflicted Hearts", an emotionally powerful love story loosely based on her own life and is respectfully dedicated to murdered child actress, Judith Barsi (1978-1988). In 2010, Shelli co-produced an independent action/thriller called "Shake Road" and helped open a storefront studio in New Jersey for Big City Fame and Fame Tank Productions. As of 2020, her star-studded creative empire includes a brand new pet portrait business called Cherilyn's Rainbow Bridge Commemoration Portraits, established in memory of her beloved Himalayan kitty, and a trendy online shop called Tropical Dream Designs, where she creates fun, unique art for chic apparel. Her first two children's picture books, "Blackie and Goldie's Magical Adventures" and "Blackie and Goldie's Project Green Earth", are now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for purchase. Shelli's most precious aspiration is to inspire others and give them abundant hope that with sheer determination, perseverance, and faith, any dream that resides in one's heart is absolutely possible to achieve.

Shelli Misoyianis


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"Blackie and Goldie's Project Green Earth"
"Blackie and Goldie's Magical Adventures"
"The Unknown Breed"
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