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Sheldon D. Newton

About The Author

Dr. Sheldon D. Newton is the Director of Berea Institute and is a Senior Lecturer at Berea University. He is the pastor of Jesus Christ Centered Ministries International, located in Nassau, Bahamas and the author of over thirty books in various genres. Some of his titles includes his novels: Genna's Fight,Genna's Ghost & Thrown Away. His non-fiction titles include: How To Pray & Get Results; Diligence, the Master Key To Acheiving Your Dreams; Refuse To Live The Common Life; How To Live The Christian Life & How To Meditate In God's Word & Why, just to name a few. He is in demand as a Conference & Seminar Speaker both locally and abroad.

Dr. Newton lives in Nassau, with his wife and two children.

Sheldon D. Newton


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