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Shankar Kashyap

About The Author

Shankar N Kashyap is a consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon working in Gateshead, UK. Some of his colleagues jealous of his popularity, success and talent, decided to cook up spurious charges against him and reported to the regulatory body, the GMC. He faced an three year ordeal of trial by incompetent individuals who were not only corrupt but completely devoid of any knowledge of the work he did in the hospital. He has written his experiences in his book "A Kangaroo Court" on Createspace. The book is an invaluable guide to all doctors not only in the UK, but across the world.

He is extensively read with wide knowledge of history of near east and middle east. He is presently writing a series of books based in Indus Valley and Mesopotamia around third millennium BCE. First book Harappa: The Lure of Soma has been released through Palimpsest India and available on amazon as well as on Alibris websites. It was released in Delhi in October 2013 and has excellent reviews by renowned authors such as Graham Hancock and David Frawley. The second book of the series - Harappa: The fall of Shuruppak deals with the links and maritime trade between Harappan and Mesopotamian civilisations. The third book of the series - The Battle of Ten Kings: Dasharajna - was released in 2017 and deals with the one of the great battles portrayed in Rigveda. It is considered as the third epic of India by many experts.

Since then he has gone to publish a crime thriller based on true events - The Retribution and a collection of love poetry - Lady in Red. The books have received raving reviews across the globe. His next venture, Musings of a Romantic is due for release soon - a mini compendium of Poetry. This book will be an essential reading for anyone interested in writing poetry.

Shankar Kashyap


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