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Selina Stambi

About The Author

Selina Stambi is an amateur actor, poet, playwright and creative artist who's passionate about many things. She lives in the suburbs of Toronto, where she spends her summers creating colour and art in her garden, and the rest of the year trying to write in the midst of daily distractions.

Check out Selina's Chronicles of Archie-Baldia (starring Uncle Archibald and Aunty Harriet) on Facebook and You-Tube and encounter comic poetry as never before ... dressed up, dramatized and seasoned with sass!

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Selina Stambi


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Short Stories by the Author

Louanna's Letters

Louanna's Letters

The tulips were delivered to Miss Izzy’s doorstep once a week without
fail, all wrapped in cellophane and tied with a bow. I looked for them
every Tuesday morning when I walked Puppy to the park.

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Books by the Author

Thursdays With Harold
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