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Sarah Patt

About The Author

Sarah Patt graduated from Wheelock College in 1991, (now owned by Boston University). 

Taught special ed. for 3 years in the public schools of Brookline, Massachusetts. Relocated to Maryland and taught at Eastern Middle in Silver Spring for two years before getting married, having three kids and settling down as homemaker for eleven years.

 In 2001 the Patt clan returned to New England and in 2008, when her youngest entered elementary school, Sarah returned to teaching. Fortunately, Landmark school—four miles from her home, was hiring. 

Out of 250 applications, ten spots were filled—Sarah was one of them. She then went on to earn a master’s degree in Special Education from Simmons College in 2012 while maintaining a full time teaching position at Landmark Elementary-Middle school, where she currently teaches and refers to it as her second home—never taking for granted, the short commute, brisk salt air, and the devoted faculty, staff, and students who help make her work inspirational and rewarding. 

Because of Savannah is her debut novel and Dakota is the second manuscript she hopes to publish by 2020. There is a third, titled, Lucky, she is currently writing.

Sarah Patt


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Short Stories by the Author

Sarah Patt's Short Story

Sarah Patt's Short Story

There were three life-changing experiences that filled my summer months in the year 1994—what seems like a lifetime ago. First, my boyfriend was transferred to Baltimore and asked me to move in with him.

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Because of Savannah
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