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Sandra Jeffs

About The Author

Sandra Jeffs is a fighter, a two-time cancer survivor, a survivor of her own addiction, of one of her son’s addiction, plus, her husband’s suicide. She has had three near death experiences and has a committed meditation practice with a strong personal spiritual practice and a healing practice. Sandra is a world-wide traveler, has lived in two different countries for 13 years and is a life-long learner, a seeker of truth.

Sandra writes fiction and poetry. All of her writing is about, or informed by her experiences: of finding strength, healing, perseverance, and the beauty in the world and in humanity. She writes from the heart, with vivid imagery and a goal to inspire the reader to find transcendence, self-love, compassion, and an avenue towards living an intentional life. When one lives an intentional life, one stops being at the whim of events and begins to create one’s highest and best life.

Sandra Jeffs


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