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Rob Shackleford

About The Author

A resident of Australia, Rob Shackleford has lived in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, with a career that has varied from Scuba Instructor and Customs Officer to College Teacher and IT.

Interests include travel, SCUBA diving, History, martial arts, astronomy, and playing Djembe and Congas. Despite that, he is actually not that boring.

Rob is father of two and has made his green escape with his lovely lady into the Gold Coast hinterland at Mt Tamborine.

Rob is author of three novels in the acclaimed Sci-Fi / Historical Fiction 'Traveller' series: Traveller Inceptio, Travelle Probo and Traveller Manifesto, with more to come.

Rob Shackleford


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Traveller Manifesto
Traveller Probo
Traveller Inceptio
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