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Rebecca Sheen

About The Author

Rebecca Sheen's love of crime-solving and psychology started when she was a child, growing up in New York City. The city was a hive of activity and diversity, and she adored it. She stayed to get her undergraduate degree in Forensic Psychology from NYU but later moved to Pennsylvania to get her M Phil in Psychology, with a focus on Psychodiagnostic Testing.

Rebecca's love of reading crime thrillers inspired her to pursue her dream of writing, and she was supported in this by her husband and daughter, who share her fascination. They spend family time watching serial killer documentaries and playing board games.

Aside from the macabre, Rebecca adores art, is a theater enthusiast and an animal lover. She volunteers at her local rescue center and has been taking her daughter to help since she was five.

At home, the family has three dogs - Valjean, Elpheba, and Lollipop - as well as two cats - Inky and Binky - and whoever they bring home.

Rebecca Sheen


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