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Rebecca Morman

About The Author

Hi! I am Rebecca. Obviously. Lol! Anyway I am never good at writing these things. I really don't like to talk about myself. There is nothing overly exuberant about me. I am just me. I'm from N.E Oklahoma where I live with my husband, our 4 boys, 2 dogs and 2 cats. I am 29 and have been 5'4" since I was 12. Hahaha I'm sure I can think of something later to add to this, but for now, that's all folks!.

Ok so a year ago when I made this author page, I had barely put out my first book, I had no clue on Earth what I was doing and had absolutely no direction. Well here I am a year later with 5 published works and 3 more coming in the next 3 months, and then 2 more before the end of the year. This is has been crazy and I really thank all of you for helping me get this far.

Rebecca Morman


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