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Penny Hodgson

About The Author

Penny Hodgson was born in Weyburn, SK Canada in December 1965, given up for adoption, and adopted by a Regina, SK family in May 1966. By 1974, doctors discovered that Penny was born with severe bilateral hip dysplasia. This meant she would require multiple orthopedic surgeries over the course of her life to remain pain free and mobile.

Penny's life challenges didn't stop there. She was molested by a family member as a young child, raped at 13 yrs old by the drunken father of two children she had been babysitting, and bullied throughout her school years for the way she walked. She would face sexual harassment in the workplace, and eventually find herself working with police and a provincial prosecutor to bring a fraudster to justice.

Penny left behind a successful operational accounting career of over 20 years, went back to school and fulfilled her life's purpose of teaching others how to leave behind the emotional baggage from their own life's challenges, and enjoy life again.

Mind Files is Penny's debut book describing the program she developed and uses in her holistic practice.

Penny Hodgson


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