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Patrick C Walsh

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Born in Birmingham too many years ago, I eventually came to live in leafy Hertfordshire, ending up in a big village called Letchworth Garden City.

I have the same problems with chronic pain as my main character and so the 'Mac Maguire mysteries' were born out of a need to be doing something that wasn't a spread sheet at the weekends. However, even I've been surprised at how Mac has taken on a life of his own and I now see myself as almost being Mac's biographer rather than his inventor.

I'm a lifelong admirer of M.R. James and so I've also started writing ghost and horror stories as well as detective mysteries.

In my time I've had many professions but I started off as a musician. I played guitar professionally for some years before forming my own band and songwriting team using the guitar I now use as my logo - a Pink Paisley Fender Telecaster. However, in my late thirties, I concluded that I was probably not going to be a rock star anytime soon and so I became a quality professional in the automotive industry. In trying to place quality systems online I became interested in websites and information architecture and eventually got invited to apply for a job at the BBC where I worked as an information architect and then as a business analyst for Radio and Music (now BBC Sounds) for over ten years.

I am now retired and I'm writing full-time.

Patrick C Walsh


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