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Nicolas Rose

About The Author

Once in a while, a writer of such magnitude as to literally be able to make tears run UP a person’s face from pure joy of the literary word, Nicolas Rose came to Earth not by accident, but by destiny that was long ago prophesized by the ancients, or in a video game manual, but it was all really cool... “Let it be said here and now that there shall come upon this Earth, a writer so glorious in the ability to make his fellow brethren and sisthren pee their pants with laughter, that 1.) a sandwich shall be named after him somewhere, and 2.) books shall be published where other Earthren can check out author’s said gloriousness, and perhaps stop to ponder at the miraculousness of life that could create such neat wurds” (drops the mic). International writing superstar Nicolas Rose (muy macho big in I think Paraguay) is perhaps the greatest writer of comedy short stories on the planet. With two amazingly hilarious books now unleashed, Nicolas is more than likely the comedyest author in the history of written stuff! He’s even funnier than a dog scaring itself with its own farts if you can believe that! I STILL don’t!

Nicolas Rose


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