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Nancy Jardine

About The Author

The daily life of a primary teacher is long gone so Nancy now writes historical and contemporary fiction, as well as still being an avid reader. She'd love to write in every time period but so far Roman Britain has won the day in her historical Celtic Fervour Series. A teensy bit of Victorian and Edwardian history has been sneaked in to contemporary novels which have an ancestral base for the backgorund mysteries.

Published with Ocelot Press, she's a member of ALLi; RNA; Scottish Association of Writers; Federation of Writers Scotland and other online writers groups.

Her novels have achieved FINALIST status in UK book competitions (The People's Book Prize; Scottish Association of Writers Awards) and various prestigious ONLINE Awards.

She lives in the 'castle country of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, where her gardening is somewhat creative! She loves to traipse the country giving Author Presentations on her novels, Roman Scotland or Roman Britain.

Nancy Jardine


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