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Ms. T. Lane

About The Author

Ms. T. Lane hales from the famous city of Compton, California, she began writing poetry and short stories at the tender age of 16. Her writing originally began as an outlet from her mothers drug addiction. She now finds strength through her writing, publishing books, giving back to the community, coaching young adults on the importance of entrepreneurship, business credit and fulfilling ones life dreams and goals. Ms. T. also spends time mentoring her two young children on the importance of morals, ethics, self respect and believing in yourself. They are truly the reason she keeps going.

The talented author was inspired to write the novel Seductive Dreams during a downturn in her marriage. After a tumultuous divorce that spanned over a period of eight years, in which she lost custody of her two children, not once, not twice but three times over and each time she not only gained them back she obtained valuable knowledge during the process. After overcoming the devastating effects the judicial system had on her life and her children's lives she now feels triumphant and instills that strength in her children.
Now, as a divorcee, she writes seductive romance novels and self help books in hopes of inspiring young writers alike.

Ms. T. Lane


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