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Miriam Verbeek

About The Author

Lover of books that lead readers on unexpected journeys and don't strictly follow "genre norms". I am an eclectic reader, from fantasy to romance to thriller to detective to history to literary and so on (not keen on horror or harboiled stuff - things that put a greasy smear on humans and the world). I'm a bushwalkers, animal lover (two dogs that keep me sane by telling me I have spent too much time sitting at my computer!), homemaker, mother of two and grandmother of more. I live on the east coast of Australia. I've been a management consultant, involved at government and NGO level environmental and humanitarian activities, academic and researcher. Now, when I'm not writing fiction (or reading it), I edit academic works and continue to be amazed by human ingenuity, despairing at human short-sightedness, and excited to absorb new knowledge.

Miriam Verbeek


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