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Mike X Welch

About The Author

Mike X Welch lives in Western New York with his wife, the author Aly Welch, and their twin sons. His adult daughter lives in Seattle. In addition to his day job, Welch helps with Author Wrangling for The Writing Bloc Indie Author Collective ( He has helped shepherd two Writing Bloc anthologies into existence: the inaugural volume of PASSAGEWAYS: Nine Tales. Nine Unique Literary Worlds, and Family.


His self-published collection of horror stories, ENANTIODROMIA, has been met with universal acclaim. The lead story, 'Turning of the Bones,' placed in the top ten of the 2021 Launch Pad Prose Contest. His work has appeared in all three original Writing Bloc anthologies (Escape! Deception & Family) in addition to the Hell Hour anthology (Abomination Media).


Welch is currently at work on an entry for the PASSAGEWAYS: Mythos anthology (2023 Writing Bloc), and his next collection of short stories. That is, if the cat would ever get off his keyboard. Visit

Mike X Welch


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