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Megan Weiss

About The Author

I have had a passion for reading and writing since I was in junior high. Books are treasures, and knowledge is the best tool anyone can have. I remember trying to write silly little stories as a kid in elementary school, and gradually worked my way up to writing longer, more serious works. I didn't initially plan to be an author when I grew up. The more experience I gained, and the more books I read, however, pulled me farther and farther into the literary world! I like to think that I didn't find writing as a career, writing found me and taught me where I truly belong.

I have obtained a Master's Degree in Public History from Southern New Hampshire University, and I have Bachelor's Degrees in Creative Writing and English, along with a minor in Anthropology. I particularly enjoy reading YA novels, hanging with my dog, and learning about occult history. I have lived in the Rochester, New York area my entire life.

Megan Weiss


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Short Stories by the Author

"Candy Apple Red" (Flash fiction piece)

"Candy Apple Red" (Flash fiction piece)

The right side of my face is numb.  The wind lashes against my body.  Snowflakes lick at my cheeks and escape into the miniscule gap between my coat zipper and my skin.  

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Books by the Author

We Are Here by Scott Weiss
The Cobblestone Era: A History
She Feels
The Familiar Dead: Ghosts and Spiritualism in American Culture
The Spoken Word
Sincerely, Me
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