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Medea Kalantar

About The Author

Medea Kalantar, a Reiki Master and Practitioner, is an award-winning author of a new children's book series called Honeycake. Medea was inspired to write these books when she became a grandmother. Her stories are all based on her own family, whose members come from many ethnic backgrounds. This unique mix is a perfect recipe, and it's the reason that she calls her grandchildren her little Honeycakes. With more lovely stories to tell, Honeycake will be followed by a series of books. Each one tells valuable life lessons and gives parents and children the tools to overcome obstacles in their everyday lives. These books will teach children how to do random acts of kindness, have honest and open communication, and practice gratitude. Children will even discover how to meditate and manage their emotions when things don't go their way. Medea writes her stories to help young readers count their blessings and to share positive messages about diverse multicultural families. We want all children to feel represent! “No matter where we come from or what colour our skin is, we are all one race ... the human race. We are all one!” says Kalantar.

Medea Kalantar


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Books by the Author

Honeycake: Counting All My Blessings
Honeycake: A Family Of Spices
Honeycake: A Circle Of Trust
Honeycake: Special Magical Powers
Honeycake: Help I Swallowed A Butterfly
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