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Malevi Manenti

About The Author

Malevi Manenti was born in a small island, in Europe, which is barely visible on the world map! Cyprus.

Even if she already reached the third decade in her life, she likes hiding some years...because she has the heart and enthusiasm of a young child!

Malevi loves nature and animals. She has a small, cute, and fat dog, named Boombys. He is a bit lazy though.

She is a teacher, educator, and illustrator. She is self-taught in drawing and she won her first Pancyprian award when she was 13 years old. Furthermore, she teaches children, adults and create e-learning courses. Currently she is working at the University. She already published her first printed book for the Greek Alphabet, which was awarded in Cyprus.

Why did she decide to write these book series? Because she has a goal and a vision. She wants to contribute in saving our planet and all the endangered animals, by developing environmental consciousness to the citizens of tomorrow!

Malevi Manenti


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