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Lucinda Jackson

About The Author

Lucinda Jackson, scientist and former business executive, spent almost fifty years at three universities and four Fortune 500 companies where she experienced and witnessed the unequal treatment of women. This spurred her to write about how to change that dynamic and how to help women find their power in the workplace and in life.

She has published peer-reviewed articles, patents, and book chapters and is working on a book series about freedom and breaking old patterns. After growing up in California, Oregon, and Washington, she received her PhD in science in Illinois and continued speaking and serving on boards of academic, nonprofit, and industry organizations worldwide. She loves her fantastic women friends, reading, exercise (yoga, skiing, hiking, biking, swimming), and helping others.

After Peace Corps volunteerism in Palau and teaching science in Mexico, Jackson and her husband returned recently to their home near San Francisco. They are immensely proud of their three liberated sons who are scattered around the globe.

Lucinda Jackson


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