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Lorena McCourtney

About The Author

I've been writing for quite a few years now. I started with short stories for children and teens, moved on to women's short stories and then to romance novels. I now write lighthearted cozy romances with a foundation of faith. In total I've had 51 books published. My favorite character in all my books is one I'm writing about now. Ivy is an older woman who feels she has aged into invisibility. Although she also finds "invisibility" can be a rather handy asset for an older sleuth. I've now done five books in the original Ivy Malone Mysteries series, and five more in the followup Mac 'n' Ivy Mysteries series - now working on Book #6 in this series.


I'm a wife, mother of one son, grandmother of one granddaughter. I also have one stepdaughter (I'm pleased that she calls me her "Bonus Mom.") and step-grandmother to various grandchildren. We live in southern Oregon and one of my favorite things to do is go over to the coast and search for treasures walking the beach. I also enjoy lots and lots of reading - doesn't every writer?


Lorena McCourtney


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