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Lisa M Billingham

About The Author

Lisa is a 47-year-old fun-loving, caring individual with a wide range of life experiences. She is a Self-Published Author, Psychic Medium, Wellbeing Coach, & Public Speaker.

Diagnosed with stress, anxiety and depression in 2011 and struggling to find a way through this without prescription medication is where her journey began.

The personal growth work she has carried out has helped her recover from all which life has thrown at her.

Her outlook on life has done a 360-degree turn as she can now see how self-love and positivity are the keys to a happy, successful and fulfilled life. She believes her soul purpose is to be of service to others and now helps those in similar situations.

Forced into lockdown in 2020, she saw the perfect opportunity to write her first novel based loosely on her life experiences.

She enjoys reading, writing, swimming. Loves dolphins, is teetotal and a naturist. She is also learning Spanish.

Lisa M Billingham


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