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L.A Nolan

About The Author

L.A. Nolan was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1966 and was the first Canadian born member of his family whose roots are set firmly in Liverpool, England. After a turbulent first stint in high school, he lived in England briefly, then returned home to finish his education. After graduating from George Brown College, Nolan embarked on a back breaking career in pipefitting.

Never fully settled, he began fiction writing in the late 1980’s after earning a short story and fiction composition diploma from Granton University. He experienced some early success in monthly magazines.

True to his Generation X Stereotype, Nolan’s restlessness eventually led him to settle in the sub-continent, with India as his base of operations. Many years of extensive travel through Asia ensued.

Motorcycling became his focus in 2014 and Nolan joined a motorcycle club. He criss-crossed the country with reckless abandon, then after breaking several bones on a desolate mountainside in the Himalayas, he returned to New Delhi and refocused on his true passion of storytelling.

At last achieving some level of peace, he relocated to Bombay with his wife, a beagle and two very naughty motorcycles. He is now writing full time.

L.A Nolan


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Blood & Brown Sugar
Memoirs Of A Motorcycle Madman
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