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Keith Steinbaum

About The Author

After a number of years devoted to poetry, followed by about a decade and a few minor achievements as a professional song lyricist, I wound up working almost thirty-five years in the landscape industry. Sometime during that period I realized that my desire to write was truly a need to write, and that realization eventually produced The Poe Consequence, a modern day story combining supernatural suspense and human drama. An originally self-published novel, The Poe Consequence was included in Kirkus Reviews' ‘The Best Books of 2015’ year- end issue. After it was signed by Black Opal Books publishing, the novel was re-released in March of 2020 and went on to be selected as the Winner of the 2021 Book Excellence Awards for Best Fiction novel.

My second novel, a Beatles-themed whodunit murder mystery titled, You Say Goodbye, also published by Black Opal Books, was actually my first release through them, coming out in February of 2019. In 2020, the book was selected as the Winner of the TopShelf Book Awards for Best Fiction/Intrigue.

A personal, life-changing event occurred in my mid teens that transformed me into a creative writer, and although I paid the bills through a long career in the landscape industry, in my heart I’ve always considered myself a creative writer first and foremost. It took years of piecing together reasons for occasional bouts of sadness and esteem issues to finally understand the fact that I needed to answer that calling and to do something about it. Writing The Poe Consequence, a story originally inspired by the number of gang affiliated housing areas I worked at, was the therapy I needed that brought me back from an emotionally tough time. My second book, You Say Goodbye, originally inspired by a story in the obituary section about Alexandra Scott from the Alex's Lemonade Foundation, was the continuing byproduct of that renewed recognition of what I expect from myself.

Keith Steinbaum


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