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Keith Rauh

About The Author

Keith M Rauh, was born in and is a lifelong resident of the liberal utopia of Massachusetts. He was raised by a traditional two-parent family and has one brother. He subscribes to both conservative and liberal views depending on the issue. He received Ged in 1992 and attended one year of college before following other interests. Mr. Rauh lives with Asperger's syndrome an autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and several mental health conditions including anxiety, panic attacks. He also deals with several physical ailments including hearing loss, tinnitus and chronic fatigues. Despite all this, he pushes hard to do as much as he possibly can daily. He is married and has three children of which two are now adults and one is a teenager. He has worked in many career fields including food service, manufacturing, and transportation. He ran his own small business with his wife for ten years. His latest adventure is hosting the Trumped-up podcast.

Keith Rauh


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Soul Bond
The Democratic Asylum: A Political Manifesto
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