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Katy Munger

About The Author

Katy Munger is a North Carolina-based mystery author who has had 16 novels published since 1990 by major publishers in the United States, U.K, Germany, and Japan. She is the author of the Dead Detective series; the Casey Jones private investigator series; and the Hubbert & Lil cozy mystery series. She has also edited or contributed to numerous short story anthologies; authored several group novels; and is a co-founder of Thalia Press, an independent publisher based on an author cooperative model. In addition to providing a platform for authors who are often continuing their traditionally-published series, Thalia Press advocates for writing quality and reader affordabilty in independent publishing. Katy has also been a book reviewer for the Washington Post and served as North Carolina’s 2016 Piedmont Laureate.


The Dead Detective series (four books) is a serious police procedural series with some comic overtones that takes a deeper and more thoughtful look at life and death than most crime fiction. The Casey Jones series (seven books to date) is a humorous, semi-hardboiled series set in North Carolina featuring an unlicensed female private investigator and numerous recurring sidekicks. The Hubbert & Lil series (four books) takes place in New York City and has been described as using a “cozy with attitude” approach.


Her books are available in ebook format on Amazon and can be ordered in trade paperback format through Ingram Distributors wherever books are sold.


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Katy Munger


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Love Stinks But Life is Worse

Love Stinks But Life is Worse

Is it ironic or inevitable that I hate Valentine's Day with what can only be described as a kind of burning passion? It's the greatest con in American history. Well, almost. You just can't win...

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