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Katarina Zurar

About The Author

Hey there, my name is Katarina Zurar and I published my first-ever novel Exiles & Thieves in December of 2021. While; and I'll be honest here; It's not my favorite work written, I am immensely proud of myself for becoming an author. It was a difficult journey, one with a lot of resistance from peers. Everyone knows writing is not the most economically profitable field but it is; to those who are true writers; the most internally profitable. I have a new novel coming out soon that has blown my first book out of the shelf, In Question of Desire, is a story of mental illness and compassion, mixed with the consequences of maladaptive daydreaming and enabling friends, all tied together with a fantasy-based bow. It is by far my favorite project so far, based on some of my own mental illnesses. I published a short story in January of 2022 to L. Ron Hubbard's, Writers of the future awards, and won a title, Look for my story Cirque Du Temps, loosely inspired by Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus. She and Donna Tartt I would say are my favorite authors. My goal in life is to inspire with my writing and eventually, open up my own bookstore, for fellow fanatics like myself. Thank you for reading about my writing journey :)

Katarina Zurar


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Short Stories by the Author

Cirque Du Temps

Cirque Du Temps

He was twisting down a cobblestone path when he first caught a glimpse of the world in between. The music came first. Soft melodies spilled from every corner, seeping into his mind. Next, was the smell, cuisine from all worlds, delicious smells invading his senses. It was absolutely intoxicating.

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