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K. M. Doherty

About The Author

Award-winning author K. M. Doherty is a computer hardware and software engineer. During his life he raced sailboats, skied, flew hang gliders, studied martial arts, rode motorcycles, performed as a professional musician, and acted in theater. 

K. M. Doherty


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Short Stories by the Author

K. M. Doherty's Story

K. M. Doherty's Story

As the two elven boys walked deeper into the canyon, the pair passed through slivers of light into the long, dark shadows cast by the tall stone columns which nearly filled the canyon.
     “These statues’re creepy,” said Chatur, gazing up at the massive stone figures towing above them. “Like trolls, only uglier.”

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Books by the Author

Thomas Holland and Pandora's Portal
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