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Julie Lokun

About The Author

Julie Lokun, JD is obsessed with helping people with a passion, hobby, idea or small business create a thriving business they love. Julie walks you through the entrepreneuer mindset, branding, marketing and visibility.

Julie Lokun, JD, Master Business Coach, and Branding Expert works with clients on mastering the power of their brand. Julie is the author of the entrepreneurial book series, Hustle Smart, which provides the tools insiders use to launch a business that thrives. 

Julie's professional acumen walks you through the steps on how to create an unforgettable brand and get your brand seen.  It is not ok to just survive as a small business, but rather thrive. 

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme-this is an experience where you have access to the resources to build a substantive business.

Julie Is An Business Development Expert In:

Intuitive Branding


Content Creation

Media Relations


Podcast Launching

Brand Positioning

Social Media + Placement

Building Client Lists + More

Julie lives with her husband, her 4 sons and sidekick, Violet a french bulldogs, while changing the entreprenuerial experience for clients worldwide.

Julie Lokun


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Hustle Smart, The Ultimate Guide For New Entreprenuers
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