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Joy Lynn Goddard

About The Author

Joy Lynn Goddard is one of Canada's top novelists in the young adult genre. Drawing from her experiences as a teacher, she has written a picture book, a middle-grade novel, and five coming-of-age novels, beginning with the award-winning Daredevils. While engaged in sports and adventures, her characters face issues that are relevant today--cyber-bullying, peer pressure, blended families, mental illness and more--which have inspired readers of all ages. A former journalist, she had numerous articles and short stories published and more recently teamed up with her husband Dan to write an adult anthology, a parody based on the real estate industry. Moonshadow, her latest collaboration with Dan, is also adult fiction. Next, they will be writing a murder mystery about the wine industry. They live in Guelph and Belleville, ON, where she writes and teaches, he's in sales and volunteer work and they spend time with family.

Joy Lynn Goddard


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