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John Servant

About The Author

The author was a lawyer who witnessed men and women overcome immense problems and obstacles to achieve personal success and virtue. He also saw some fail along the way. His books are stories about both paths. His books have received excellent reviews which can be viewed on his Amazon book detail page and his website. May these uplifting Christian fiction stories of inspiration, determination, faith, hope, courage, recovery and redemption serve as an inspiration to all who read them and a lesson that it is never too late to overcome the obstacles in your path, obtain mercy and find atonement and the path to achieving your dreams! You can see more including a preview and his blogs at or on the Amazon book detail page at and more information on his Facebook page @www.johnservantbooks. His first book, The Arrow That Flies By Day, has received the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval.

John Servant


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The Arrow That Flies By Day
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