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Iulia C. Bocaneala

About The Author

Iulia C. Bocaneala is the author of two books, an International Relation Expert and an Editor Writer. The fundamental knowledge in Psychology, Didactic and Philosophy acquired within a certificate degree study in Pedagogy, are representing an essential asset in writing her novels, The Heart Of An Eye and Collection Days: Famous Smiles. With a Political Science university degree diploma in International Relations and European Studies, gauged a particular interest in how European and international policy can best change the community, which is why as an editor writer she is addressing trough her articles on what are the best and optimal solutions to worldwide field areas.

Author Iulia C. Bocaneala is proud of her unique and inspirational novels that she wrote. Each one has a prominent role in her career and has been enjoyed by fans of all ages and backgrounds.

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Iulia C. Bocaneala


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