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ig Oliver

About The Author

The author, ig Oliver, has worked all around the world as a chef. Born in rural Northamptonshire in the 60’s with three siblings and hardworking parents. Finishing his school years in Leicestershire and then catering college in Derbyshire continuing his young working career in the surrounding restaurants and hotels. He then moved to London securing work for King Hussain of Jordan in the 90’s in Palace gardens, but declined an offer to work in their palace in Aqaba. He was later offered work in Switzerland America and Europe cooking and working for various celebrities, Palaces Chateau’s and Embassy’s for the likes of Asher Edelman the real Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall street portrayed by Michael Douglas. Then cooking for Kirk Douglas later through Lord Hanson, Brigadier Landon the White Sheik, Lord Heseltine, The American Embassy Geneva, Prime ministers’ presidents’ politicians and many of the Royal Family. By this time in the late 90’s working as House manager and executive chef in Moscow Russia overseeing the catering of the first state visit by HRH Elizabeth 2nd in Moscow. Afterwards receiving an award in the Kremlin by the queen.

He continues his work as a chef today and has proved himself to be a world class chef, but now he puts pen to paper to apply a skill he has kept on the backburner for most of his career as a chef. Although having done many fine oil paintings and portraits in his spare time, he now uses these skills to draw up his own beautiful illustrations to help tell the stories he has so well conjured up through his remarkable imagination and experience’s.

ig Oliver


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