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Gennaro Brooks-Church

About The Author

Gennaro Brooks-Church is a green contractor specializing in Living Walls. Eco Brooklyn is a forward-thinking green building company and leader in the New York green building movement. He has done all types of green building, from Passive House renovations to Natural Swimming Pool construction.

His company is currently pioneering the living wall movement, offering beautiful installations for residential and commercial applications.

He has experience in interpersonal and cultural interaction from living in over 35 countries. His college training at Columbia University is in Creative Writing and Comparative Religion.

Gennaro spent 10 years photographing Roma, or Gypsies, in 17 countries and amassed 64,000 images compiled into a book and other media.

Specialties: Green building. Irreverent, constant thinking outside the box.

Gennaro Brooks-Church


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