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Frank Wayne

About The Author

Frank is retired from the paper mill. Upon retirement, he went back to university and obtained his Bachelor of Arts - English Major from Thompson Rivers University. Since then, he has not looked back. After having taught English in China for a year, he wrote "The Cumberland Tales." 

He has been published in four different anthologies by the Poetry Institute of Canada: "Island Shores" an anthology of verse; "The Old Veranda Swing" an anthology of prose; "Fires of Autumn" an anthology of prose; and "Passages of the Heart" an anthology of verse. He is currently working on his second manuscript, "Mother's Keep." 

Frank Wayne


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Short Stories by the Author

The Unusual Case of Ephemera Higgins

The Unusual Case of Ephemera Higgins

 Ephermera lives from charcoal black burnt toast to charcoal black burnt toast, 
that, and her friend who occasionally has intercourse with the little bell that 
hangs in his cage. They keep her going from long year to long year. 
She wakes by sound. The little bell tinkling in the cage as the budgie humps the metal thing: tinkle, tinkle it goes. 

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Books by the Author

The Cumberland Tales
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