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Frank Baillargeon

About The Author

I retired after 44 satisfying years in the photo industry in 2018. As soon as I was liberated from chasing paychecks and promotions, I dove into an obligation to my late father. He was fascinated by the life and accomplishments of John Morrissey. He was determined to draw far greater attention to the impoverished Irish Catholic immigrant who would become America's boxing champion, a fabulously wealthy gambling entrepreneur, the organizer of Saratoga Racecourse, and twice-elected United States Congressman and New York State Senator. My obligation was to use my father's decades of research and boundless passion to bring the story of Morrissey to the general public.


On September 21, 2022, the first of a three-book series of historical novels based on the life of John Morrissey and his equally ambitious wife, Susannah, was published. The book, Ambitions is available globally wherever books are sold. Volume two should be available by the summer of 2023. The final volume is targeted for the spring of 2024.

Frank Baillargeon


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