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Edgar Ramirez

About The Author

Edgar Ramirez is an author and a storyteller, born and raised in New York City, currently living in Livingston, New Jersey. He loves to read, write and spend time with his family, especially his grandchildren.

Growing up with three older brothers, Edgar was encouraged to draw from his imagination rather than copy their drawings. This was the start of his creative awakening. Edgar would spend his time, dreaming up fantastic scenarios that would become the inspiration for his drawings. As he got older, he wrote these scenarios down, and they would later become the inspiration for some of his stories.

Edgar’s love for nature is also evident in his stories. As a young teen, during fishing trips with his father, he would go off on nature walks on his own. Whether on the sand dunes by the seashore or in the woodlands by a lake, he enjoyed taking in the sights and sounds of nature. This would become a new source of inspiration for his stories.

Edgar has shared these stories with his family and friends, and now he shares them with you.

Check out what inspired the Aeternus Pond - Journey Home book in his blog.

Edgar Ramirez


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