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E.R. Cook

About The Author

I've wanted to be an author since I was a young girl creating and illustrating my first book "Bugtown". From those simple stapled folded pages sprung a love of books. I adored fantasy books growing up, especially books with strong female leads or underdogs. Anything having to do with dragons, magic or mystical creatures, I was all about it.

I've been writing for decades but just recently published my first work. It's a work of science fiction, but I folded a lot of psychological questions and thrills into it. I'm intrigued by how we think, how we react, and the play between instinctual emotion and rational thinking. I'm enjoying the process and look forward to producing more works in the future.

When I'm not writing I love being in the outdoors and riding trials motorcycles with my boyfriend. I'm also an artist who creates all my own bookcovers and I love learning and reading.

E.R. Cook


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