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E. N. Crane

About The Author

E.N. Crane is a fiction author writing under a pen name. She lives in California with her dog, husband and a lot of books. She holds a MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a BS in Biology with a minor in Philosophy and Chemistry. 

She suffers from anxiety and is incredibly socially awkward as well as against writing about herself in the third person.

E. N. Crane


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Short Stories by the Author

A story by E. N. Crane

A story by E. N. Crane

"Did you hear that?" Lionel asked, sitting up in the tent.
"Shut up and go back to sleep," Fiona answered and swatted in his general direction. It was the last time she'd let her friends talk her into taking a city boy camping. For the past 4 hours, through dinner and campfire time, it had been nothing but panic and alarm over basic nature sounds.

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Books by the Author

A Bite in Afghanistan
Without Direction
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