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Dr. S. K. Grunin

About The Author

Dr. S.K. Grunin is a retired college professor, who taught for the University of Virginia and for a number of other Colleges and Universities. Dr. Grunin has authored and published a textbook used for her UVA Graduate School courses. She is a retired Executive who has also been an Executive Coach, a CEO, Human Capital Consultant and who also is retired from the Federal Government, where she served in various positions for the Federal Courts, including Federal law enforcement. Dr. Grunin is a member of the Gulf Coast Writers Association of SW Florida.

Dr. Grunin has been a trainer and teacher for over 30 years and loves working with kids and young adults. She has also worked with juveniles and adults in the justice systems and seeing how kids could benefit from understanding and learning life lessons at a young age, she was inspired to write - Life Lessons and Tales of Little MisFit. Book 1: Life Isn't Always What It Seems. Little MisFit is intended to be a series of 7 or more books of life lessons learned as LMF grows up.

Dr. G and her husband, Howard, reside with their Shiba Inu in Naples, Florida. They have two sons, Justin and Jason who is married to Mary Hastings and they have a daughter, Kathleen.

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