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Donna Peizer

About The Author

Donna’s creative writing journey began late in life but has somehow miraculously resulted in her first novel, Somewhere Different Now, a young adult/historical fiction tale set in 1950 in rural Colorado near where she grew up. Prior to diving into the world of writing and publishing, Donna spent her varied career as a registered nurse, a lawyer, and a small business owner. Now retired, she shares her home with her dog, Toby, and in addition to writing, enjoys spending time in nature and playing the Native American-style flute. She is working on her second novel, which will feature some of the same characters but will take place in the late 1960s on the West Coast.

Donna Peizer


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Short Stories by the Author

When Grace Comes to Call

When Grace Comes to Call

The ear-piercing ring of the telephone at four o’clock on a Saturday morning jolted me from a sound sleep. When I lunged for it, it toppled off the bedside table and landed on the floor. I tumbled after it, hit the light switch, and grabbed the receiver.

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