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Diane M. How

About The Author

Diane M How lives in St. Peters, Missouri with her husband of forty-seven years. Being retired affords her the time to indulge in her passion for writing on a daily basis. Many of her award winning short stories and poems can be found in anthologies published by Saturday Writer, a well-known and supportive writers guild that maintains more than a hundred members. This is Diane’s first published novel, but hopefully not her last.

Diane M. How


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Short Stories by the Author

Autumn’s Predicament

Autumn’s Predicament

Ah, how I love fall.  It’s a nearly perfect season when hillsides are filled with splashes of vibrant crimson and gold.  A time when nature’s chilling breeze orchestrates a blissful dance of leaves drifting to the ground.

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Books by the Author

The Dahlonega Sisters
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