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Deborah M Menenberg

About The Author

Deborah Margaret Menenberg received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, Speech Communication and Theatre Arts from Southern Oregon College. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Special Education at the University of Oregon, she started what would become a thirty-six-year career as a Special Education teacher for which she is listed in Who’s Who in American Teachers. Deborah has always been a storyteller.  She would often tell her students stories then write those tales in letters or emails to friends and family. She also wrote and directed many school plays while also teaching numerous drama classes. Apart from teaching, she toured the inland waterways of Great Britain on a narrowboat performing with the Daystar Theatre Company. When home in Oregon or Washington, she directed or acted in various community theatre productions. Currently, Deborah lives on a floating home in Portland, Oregon with her husband Russell, twin cats, and their Golden Retriever, Flyer.

Deborah M Menenberg


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