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Dean Comyn

About The Author

After 20 years working in the Entertainment Industry in Canada, I took a "5-year hiatus" from the life of a starving artist to explore the world, teaching English... 16 years ago (and counting)... I channeled my creativity and passion for storytelling into writing, self-publishing his first novel, a thriller, last year.

My first destination was Turkey, where I met my wife and watched her give birth to our son. I continued to enjoy teaching and had much success and fulfilment, but the artist in me longed for expression. I missed performing and creating/telling stories. I was able to channel some of this energy into theatre productions with students and state theatre actors. I wrote and directed 'Modern' English adaptations of 'The Shepherd's Play' and 'Macbeth', as well as a few original stories for students and state theatre groups in Turkey.

My wife's career brought us to Germany, and I stopped teaching in schools. I decided my creative outlet would be as a writer. So, I began taking courses online and started writing and planning my next career move— to be a self-published author.

Four and a half years later, I published my first novel, "Something in the Water Book One: Drowning".

"Drowning" follows 'Not Yet Detective' Charles Burns and a newly-formed major crimes task force with the Metropolitan Police as they race to find a missing scientist and stop his deadly discovery from becoming a weapon against humanity.

Burns was playing ice hockey, like he did every Friday night, when he got the call to action.*

A brilliant young scientist and his revolutionary discovery have disappeared. Little is known about the scientist, but his work has attracted the attention of more than just the Health Ministry.

Has he been kidnapped or is he complicit in a terrorist plot to commit mass murder?

Dr Nicholas Veda believed he could prevent the deaths of millions with a potent new vaccine and radical mass-delivery method. But something went wrong on the way to saving the world, and the formula has a fatal flaw. Now, an unknown organisation plans to weaponise it.


The action takes place over a weekend, following Burns from London to Estonia and Iceland as he races to find the scientist and stop the creation of a weapon of mass destruction.


*Chief Inspector Wayne called, right in the middle of the second period. Burns wasn't supposed to officially join MCU2 until Monday. But, thanks to Veda's disappearnace from the Opera House and the potentially lethal consequences of his work getting into the wrong hands...

"There goes the weekend."






Dean Comyn


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