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David E Navarro

About The Author

An American author, poet, essayist, editor, wandering poet-philosopher, and biblical research scholar and teacher. Born in Newport R.I. in 1962, he moved to Chicago, Illinois by 1964 where he was raised in the inner city (Southside). At ten years old, his family moved to the woods and wilds of rural Crown Point, Indiana where he was free to enjoy nature, and to roam in fields of swaying grass and wooded copses rich with ponds and swamps. He calls Chicago his "childhood home" and Crown Point his "boyhood home". His real formative years were spent in Crown Point.

In 1977 he moved to the suburbs of Munster, Indiana and after a few years went off to college at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana to study English and the writing arts.

He left college to enlist in the United States Air Force where he served ten years and in three conflicts. His first tour of duty was McChord AFB in Tacoma, Washington where he married, then with his wife moved to RAF Alconbury in the United Kingdom for a second tour where he was part of the Air Raid on Tripoli. He completed a degree in Communications and Leadership, then moved to Patrick AFB in Satellite Beach, Florida where he was part of the Invasion of Panama and the First Gulf War.

He separated with an honorable discharge and entered a biblical studies program where he completed a degree in Theology with focus on biblical languages, texts, and translations. He served 35 years in the ministry as a biblical research teacher and minister, and continues to translate biblical texts and write research articles. He returned to school with Purdue University Global and completed a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies graduating summa cum laude. He's working on a master's in arts and humanities and a doctorate later.

In addition to being an author and poet, he's a professional Medical Writer/Editor with a clinical research company. He has a strong background in linguistic analysis, academic writing, and technical writing and editing. He has written poems in several languages and helped foreign language poets translate their work into English.

He was first published in 1980 in the Purdue Exponent Literary Edition and many of his poems, essays, and articles have been published in various magazines, venues, and journals ever since.



A Tree Frog's Eyes, 2020 (haiku)

In the Praise of His Glory, 2020 (poetry)

Archway to Beyond, 2019 (haibun)

Early Childhood Learning, 2019 (curriculum prep guide)

This is the Way, 2017 (essays and poetry)

Dropping Ants into Poems, 2016 (poetry)

Dare to Soar, 2013 (poetry)

Such Are the Poems, 2007, (poetry chapbook)


Anthologies (where work appears)

The More I Forget, the More I Remember, 2023, All Poetry Publ. (1 poem)

Sandcutters, Arizona State Poetry Society, 2022 (1 poem)

Pangea Poetry: Bringing the World Back Together, 2021, Voracious Polyglots Publ. (6 poems)

No Day But Today, 2021, Next Level Publ. (2 poems)

Revision's End, 2021, All Poetry Publ. (1 poem)

A Poetry Garden, 2021, All Poetry Publ. (1 poem)

Tears, 2017, New York Literary Magazine Publications (1 poem)

Sometimes Anyway, 2017, Blurb Inc. and NavWorks Press (4 poems, 8 essays)

Compendium, 2016. Ghallager Publ. (5 poems)

Wrong!, 2014, Southern Star Publ. (1 short story)

Keeping It Weird, 2014, The Poetry Box Publ. (1 poem)

The Black Rose of Winter, 2014, Lost Tower Publ. (1 poem)

Bukowski Erasure Poetry Anthology, 2014, Silver Birch Press (1 poem)

Between Life and Language, 2009, NavWorks Press & AH Publ. (5 poems)

David E Navarro


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A Tree Frog's Eyes
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