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Darla Noble

About The Author

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I specialize in inspirational and historical nonfiction when it comes to my own work. As a ghostwriter, my main gigs are curriculum, parenting and family resources, and 'roots to branches' family books, which are family history books. I also love speaking to students, civic groups, book clubs, and women's ministry organizations.


When I'm not writing or speaking, you will find me playing in the dirt (gardening), camping, riding bikes or hiking with my hubby, spending time with our kids and grandkids, and doing it all with my adorable mini-dachshund, Charlotte, by my side.



Darla Noble


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Books by the Author

Love, Momma D
Love, Momma D
Please Pass the Memories
Through the Eyes of a Shepherd
All My Love, George
Faith is Like Chocolate
Jesus and Zinnias Make Me Smile
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